don’t try to procedurally generate something that you can’t already create, dummy
Some comparative talk about various game engines, and the worst possible way to make a video game.
A Dirt Simple Trick To Create Normal and Weighted Probability Distributions Without Having To Think Terribly Hard About Either of Them
I have spent a lot of time trying to get Tone.js, Pixi.js, and Electron to behave like a real game engine in Javascript. I went to some lengths in the…
You can't work around JavaScript without painting yourself into a corner.
I hit a major milestone in my day job.
Voxel grabs the microphone and also talks about grass textures for a bit
I don't know, I like headphones
It's still very rough, but this build is playable.
Buying an office chair in Canada is a pain in it
I've launched something that doesn't DO anything.
This isn't a venue for game reviews, but I absolutely loved this game and need to talk about it to anybody who will listen.